For as long as there has been medicine, there have been people who don’t want to take it.  Who can blame them?  In an attempt to bypass traditional medicine, alternative “medicine” has been graciously welcomed into the community.   As an example (my theory), in the 1700’s the British raped the Ideas of the Native...
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This is an excerpt from my book, going to be released Near August 2017.   The quote later in the chapter contains a true anecdote from my office visits with real patients. Some information has been changed to protect identity and other identifying characteristics.  My book is full of these types of stories. You can...
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Let’s get this straight.  There are two major culprit categories for your Sinus or Cough (We will call these URIs – upper respiratory infections):  Virus and Bacteria.  I’m sure you knew that.   Most people seem very frustrated when they are told they have a virus, as if the alternative was better.  I get it....
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If you are one to see the word meditation and think, “No way! Not even close.  What? I’m supposed to chant “OM” and sit with my arms open signing ‘asshole’ with my thumb and first finger?” (See pic below).     Pay attention.   Taken from a chapter in my new book (in process), “A...
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As I am sitting here, I have no energy.  It’s as if I was a balloon that was let go prematurely while it was being inflated…that’s how I feel right now.   My legs feel stuck to the ground, and my body feels oddly energetic, but that’s nothing more than the nerves trying to convince...
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Hey guys!  Well, my first deadline for the release of my book has come and gone. “Early 2017” has passed and my book is still in the editing phase…The second editing phase.  Life has taken priority and has put the book a bit on the back burner for the moment but still very excited to...
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What kind of life do you want? For me, it’s trying to be proactive and not allowing precious opportunities to pass. It’s tough sometimes but it’s doable–that’s the essence of this article. There is so much fear in life which prevents us from taking huge boundless steps, which keeps us stagnant and stuck in ‘candy...
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A major issue men face is their own judgment of themselves.  In the recent past, the term metro-sexual reared it’s ugly face into mainstream social circles.   Because it seemed unthinkable that men would want to break free from the oppressive stereotyping which has been dictated by our media for so many years, it had to be given...
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Atelophobia (from the Greek: ατελής, atelès, “imperfect, incomplete” “fear”) is the fear of not being good enough or imperfection. Oh great, another affliction.  That’s all I need.  So now what?  First, maybe we can stop defining ourselves by our story.  You know, you are not your story – you are the AWE-SOME-NESS underneath your “rubble,” I...
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So, let’s talk about Cancer, shall we? Are we seeing more, or are we just older and see it more commonly amongst our contemporaries?  As a family practice physician, I am supposed to find it and quarterback the treatment.  We, as physicians do reasonably well at finding cancers when we use standard screening practices, but...
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A friend of mine once said in a time of pain that he felt much like a willow branch blowing in a storm – not quite sure if he was going to break. Do we ever really break? A willow branch is quite pliable. It can be manipulated into many different shapes, bent end-to-end in...
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When you come to the doctor, it is important that we have information.  Lots of it!  With the accurate and correct information your doctor will be able to help meet your personal health goals.  Below you will find a checklist of the top 10 most important things to bring to your primary care physician (PCP)...
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