Concierge Medicine Myths & Realities Myth #1: Concierge Medicine is just for the wealthy. Reality: This is no longer true. Many forms of concierge medicine cost around $150 per month, which is the price of a package of cigarettes per day, or a daily cup of Starbuck’s Frappuccino. Dr. Garrison Bliss in Seattle, Washington offers...
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I know, I know, you’re not just tired, you’re wiped!  It’s a frequent complaint.  See THIS previous article on the major causes of fatigue. The newest complaint we are hearing in the medical community is  ADRENAL FATIGUE.  Let’s be clear, there is no adrenal fatigue.  There is Addison’s Disease which is also known as Adrenal...
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Heart disease is the number one preventable killer in the WORLD only second to stroke, therefore we, the inhabitants of this planet, need to be aware of these two murders. You don’t need to be a doctor to know the major risk factors which lead to heart disease and stroke:   Increased blood pressure High blood...
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For as long as there has been medicine, there have been people who don’t want to take it.  Who can blame them?  In an attempt to bypass traditional medicine, alternative “medicine” has been graciously welcomed into the community.   As an example (my theory), in the 1700’s the British raped the Ideas of the Native...
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With all the controversy and blatant partisanship, it’s difficult to know what’s in the new healthcare bill.  Obamacare has been pretty much a disaster, so much so, that United Health Care was expected to lose almost a billion dollars in 2016 and therefore dropped out of many of the exchanges (SOURCE).  Trumpcare will hopefully not...
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Let’s get this straight.  There are two major culprit categories for your Sinus or Cough (We will call these URIs – upper respiratory infections):  Virus and Bacteria.  I’m sure you knew that.   Most people seem very frustrated when they are told they have a virus, as if the alternative was better.  I get it....
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If you are one to see the word meditation and think, “No way! Not even close.  What? I’m supposed to chant “OM” and sit with my arms open signing ‘asshole’ with my thumb and first finger?” (See pic below).     Pay attention.   Taken from a chapter in my new book (in process), “A...
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As I am sitting here, I have no energy.  It’s as if I was a balloon that was let go prematurely while it was being inflated…that’s how I feel right now.   My legs feel stuck to the ground, and my body feels oddly energetic, but that’s nothing more than the nerves trying to convince...
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Hey guys!  Well, my first deadline for the release of my book has come and gone. “Early 2017” has passed and my book is still in the editing phase…The second editing phase.  Life has taken priority and has put the book a bit on the back burner for the moment but still very excited to...
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My dear patients, Don’t worry, I haven’t left you hanging. I’ve just decided to take a big risk and change the status quo in an effort to shape a better life for the both of us. The way healthcare is and has been insists you become a label, a number and an illness–for me, an...
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The Barber pole is a legacy that has transcended generations and is still seen in front of every barber shop around.  The red and white stripes are thought to represent the blood (red stripe), dripping down the body (the pole).  There is some controversy about the origin of the blue stripe – some believe it was...
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The buttons traditionally are for decoration – at least now.  Back in the day, these buttons worked.  They were for rolling up your suit jacket sleeve for labor and to prevent soiling of you clothing.  Unlike now, laundry was difficult to do and wasn’t as efficient, so men would roll up their sleeves on their...
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