A Conscious Evolution

My dear patients,

Don’t worry, I haven’t left you hanging.
I’ve just decided to take a big risk and change the status quo in an effort to shape a better life for the both of us.

The way healthcare is and has been insists you become a label, a number and an illness–for me, an unsatisfied man living day-to-day experiencing perpetual déjà vu.  Let’s face it, I was sad and depressed, not because I was born that way, but because I wasn’t living in a way that was aligned with my core beliefs.   I think you deserve more from medicine than being shoved through the office like cattle, simply awaiting your next branding (diagnosis).
I didn’t want to herd anymore.

Our over-bearing bureaucrats are strong-arming everyone into believing there is only one way to get the health care you deserve and they are unapologetic in their “deception.” But we are not blind anymore, are we? The veil of denial has fallen and now it’s time to sit with the reality that our bureaucratic protectors may have been screwing us for years.

Whether the bureaucrats consciously know what they were doing or not, the wolf’s whiskers are still peeking out from under the woolen top coat.

Yes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. These corporate monopolies called HMOs and other large corporate medical structures make claims that they are purely about patient care.  Following their logic, they force the doctors to double and triple-book appointments to fit patients in the schedule, all the while the doctors are burning out like a wet match.    It’s poor foresight to say the least.   If we are lucky, we will find our spark again.

Gratefully, my spark was found, but not by anything outside of me.  I had to look inwards, trust myself, take a risk and make some very deep realizations that surrounded the main premise of Darwin–evolution.  It’s not that I wanted to leave the system–I had to.
I evolved.


Dr. Mike

CEO/Owner Willow Healing Center

Offering Compassionate Concierge Medicine