July 27, 2016
from: By:  Dr. Michael Lewis, MD A friend of mine once said in a time of pain that he felt much like a willow branch blowing in a storm – not quite sure if he was going to break. Do we ever really break? A willow branch is quite pliable. It can be manipulated into...
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When you come to the doctor, it is important that we have information.  Lots of it!  With the accurate and correct information your doctor will be able to help meet your personal health goals.  Below you will find a checklist of the top 10 most important things to bring to your primary care physician (PCP)...
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The Barber pole is a legacy that has transcended generations and is still seen in front of every barber shop around.  The red and white stripes are thought to represent the blood (red stripe), dripping down the body (the pole).  There is some controversy about the origin of the blue stripe – some believe it was...
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The buttons traditionally are for decoration – at least now.  Back in the day, these buttons worked.  They were for rolling up your suit jacket sleeve for labor and to prevent soiling of you clothing.  Unlike now, laundry was difficult to do and wasn’t as efficient, so men would roll up their sleeves on their...
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