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Welcome to Willow Healing Center

Woodland Hills' only concierge physician

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read what we are about.  For me, concierge medicine makes my patients a priority. My commitment to providing high quality patient care and developing long lasting relationships are some of the reasons that I became a doctor in the first place.  The current healthcare system makes it almost impossible to deliver these virtues.  Willow’s philosophy is based on 3 critical healthcare components: Wellness.  Prevention.  Mental Health.

Dr. Mike in the Media

Dr. Mike has established himself in the community as a leading medical expert. From local to international, he has been on multiple news and radio broadcasts. His friendly demeanor and wealth of knowledge has made him one of the go-to doctors for medical stories and information.
A quick understanding of how our concierge medicine program works

The Membership and how this works

It’s simple.  With your monthly membership and depending on your selected plan you will have access to high quality, personalized medical care and unprecedented access to your doctor.   Once a member, the process is simple:  Make an appointment via text, email or phone call.  No visit fees or copays are ever due at time of service. Dr. Mike will spend time with you in a un-rushed relaxed environment, while making your visit calm and easy.  If you need medications, Dr. Mike will prescribe them, or fill them on site for a fraction of the typical cost.  If you need labs (and have PPO insurance) we can bill your labs to your insurance.  If you don’t have insurance, no worries, Dr. Mike has negotiated incredible cash prices.   With the Ruby or Diamond plan you can contact Dr. Mike after hours by cell, email or text and he will respond promptly and help tend to your concerns.  Please call or email us for your complimentary visit to immerse yourself in the Willow experience.


You are my priority

The cornerstone of care


There are many things we can do to help prevent cancer, stroke, heart attacks, diabetes and falls.  Let’s start the journey of preventive medicine here.


Wellness is more than preventing illness –  It’s maintaining good lifestyle so your body can stay strong and support your beautiful being for as long as possible


What’s getting in the way?  What keeps you from taking care of you?  What is that thing that haunts your thoughts?  The biggest addiction we have in this country isn’t necessarily drugs or alcohol.  It’s our addiction to thought.  Isn’t it time you broke free from the self-created barriers?


A simple, affordable means to have 24/7 access to your doctor

Why is concierge medicine the right choice for you?

Because you want better healthcare.  As your concierge doctor, I will be there for you when you need me.  You can text me, call me, or email me 24/7 and I will return your call or message immediately in most cases.  If you are sick, I will do my best to see you the same day.  When you come in to Willow, you will be welcomed by the beauty and warmth of a home.  Your visits, will not be rushed.  They will be relaxed and easy without feeling like you have to squeeze everything in in 7 minutes.  I will also give you access to our discounted medications, bottled, labeled and filled on site.  3 things define concierge medicine at Willow:  ACCESS.  CARE.  TRANSPARENCY.  



A.C.T. is the cornerstone of Willow’s fundamental care model.  Actions do speak louder than words, and this is why A.C.T. will set us apart from the others.  Unprescedented Access to your physician 24/7.   Close and personalized Care that is among the best around.  Transparency of cost and therapies.  There are no surprises

percent transparency
Willow Healing Center's Video promo
Just a quick overview of our services

There are many ways to get the point across to fully understand what we do here.  The best would be to make a compimentary, no-obligation appointment with Dr. Mike to learn more and immerse yourself in the experience at Willow.  Second best, may just be this video

A caring group of professionals

Meet your Willow family

Make an appointment

If you are curious or ready to sign up, contact me here.  I’m quite responsive at returning any and all inquiries promptly.  Thank you for reaching out.

818-658-3830 drmike@willowhealingcenter.com


  • Dr Mike is the rarest of gems. He has been my physician nearly 10 years. His concern for his patients and their well being is unparalleled in my experience. I can say with complete certainty he always made me feel I was a top priority and never rushed our time though I know he had many patients waiting to see him.
    He is thoughtful in his treatment approach and his kind demeanor was always a pleasure to experience.

    I look forward to visiting his new office.

    Candace A.
  • Willow Healing/Medical Center is a warm and caring center designed to give you the best in your medical needs. I have recently had the pleasure of using their services for the strawberry laser treatment. Not only is the treatment amazing, it is provided in a kind and relaxed atmosphere. This is the best medical experience ever!

    Helen C.
  • Dr. Mike had been my doctor for years before he opened Willow Healing. But I knew back then this was the way he wanted to practice medicine – patient focused and holistic. He is the most attentive and caring individual along with being a great doctor. Anyone would be fortunate to have Dr. Mike as their physician.

    Brent S.
  • Dr. Mike has been my doctor for many years and is a very competent physician. He has treated me for various ailments such as high blood pressure, muscle strains, nerve damage, etc. I am also a cancer survivor and he has keep a close watch as I have gone through three years of clean checkups. I would recommend him as a good primary care Dr. and I want to thank him for all the years of service he has given me.

    George M.


What does the ACA say about concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine in and of itself does not comply with ACA minimum coverage requirements; however, the majority of patients who use concierge medicine pay for it in addition to health insurance – as long as it is bundled with a ‘wraparound’ catastrophic medical policy to cover emergencies.” See. Section 1301(a) – Direct primary Care aka: concierge medicine (in this case)

Are there copays, deductibles or visit fees?

Happily no! Once you have become a member, your affordable monthly fee will cover all visits to see the doctor.
Other fees are minimal (meds, some injections, some testing). Discuss with Dr. Mike

Is this health insurance? DO you take health insurance? Medicare?

No. We are an adjunct to your health coverage. We do not use insurance for our services. However, if you have a PPO insurance plan we can use your insurance for services such as labs, radiology etc. I do accept medicare for medicare covered services – However, there still is a membership fee.

Are any other services covered by my membership?

Psychological services, Massage therapy, Chiropractic care, Acupuncture (or other services which may be available) will not be covered under your membership fees. These services are extra and can be discussed in person with Dr. Mike. Therapy/Counseling services are provided in-house by Dr. Lewis’ wife, Dr. Jenniffer Lewis, Ph.D (Dr. Jenn). Fees for these services are best to be discussed with Dr. Jenn in person or by phone.

Do you dispense medications?

Yes. legally, in the State of California, physicians are able to dispense medications from their office. Dr. Mike will have many medications (over 120) which you may already take which can be prescribed at very low cost and great savings to you.
These meds are bottled, labeles and filled on site by Dr. Mike. Average price range per Rx = $2 to $6.


Dr. Mike's Blog

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Because your medical care should be tailored to your needs

Willow has 3 different levels of service. Starting from a weekday-only access plan, up to an all out 24/7/365 high access plan.

(scroll all the way down for membership features)


$150/ MO
  • Weekday access
  • Low cost blood work or use ins.
  • Low cost procedures
  • Low cost injectable meds
  • Med. Administration fee waived


$225/ MO
  • Access Weekdays (AM/PM)
  • Labs 50% off or use ins.
  • Procedures 50% off
  • 50% off injectable meds
  • Med. Administration fee waived


$290/ MO
  • Unlimited 24/7 Access
  • Labs 50% off or use ins.
  • Procedures included
  • No cost injectable meds and Vit. B12
  • Med. Administration fee waived

Take a Virtual Tour of Willow

on the upper left hand corner of the map below, click and drag the little yellow man on the maps marker. You will be taken inside our office for a 360 degree virtual tour