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What we do

Willow Healing Center is not your average medical facility.  We offer the best healthcare option in Woodland Hills – High quality medicine at extremely affordable prices.  No more 7 minute doctor visits.  We are limiting our patient panel to 600, so act fast.  With this limited number of patients, that means more time to spend with you.  30 min to 2 hours – Whatever it takes.  What does this mean?  For less than $4/day, see your physician, obtain labs and leave with your filled prescriptions.  There are no visit fees, copays, deductibles or other hidden fees.  We also offer services for your urgent care needs – whether you need stitches for a cut, evaluation for bronchitis or treatment for a sprained ankle – It’s included in your membership!

What are people saying?

YELP: Dr Mike is the rarest of gems. He has been my physician nearly 10 years. His concern for his patients and their well being is unparalleled in my experience.  I can say with complete certainty he always made me feel I was a top priority…VITALS: Dr. Michael R Lewis has always impressed me with his down to earth style. He really cares about overall health. Dr Lewis has been resourceful in my medical healing.  GOOGLE+: He is the most attentive and caring individual along with being a great doctor. Anyone would be fortunate to have Dr. Mike as their physician.  READ MORE

Medications filled on-site!

This is one of the best features of our practice.  SIGNIFICANTLY DISCOUNTED MEDICATIONS.  I will bottle, label, fill and dispense your medications while you wait, saving you a trip to the pharmacy.  We carry a formulary of over 100 medications ready to dispense.  Most of our meds are much less than what you would pay at the pharmacy using the best insurance.  For example: Amlodipine (generic Norvasc: $2.50 per month).  Azithromycin antibiotic $4.  Sumatriptan (generic for imitrex, $1 per pill!).  Imagine if I can save you the cost of your membership on medications…Your membership would be free!


Did you know? The average doctor sees upwards of 4000 patients.

Willow Healing Center and you!

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When was the last time you really felt cared for by your doctor?  My guess, it’s been awhile.  There’s no reason that you shouldn’t get the care you want and deserve.  The fact is, our healthcare system is broken and needs to be changed.  A Concierge model of medicine, such as we offer here, may just be the answer.
Here we make every effort to care for you the way you deserve to be treated.   Not only that, but we are available anytime you need us.  Dr. Mike will pick up the phone 24/7 to care for your needs.  Offering same day visits as well as un-hurried appointments makes it feel like the way medicine used to be…The way it should be.

Most Common FAQs

No.  We are an adjunct to your health insurance.  Your health insurance will cover hospitalizations, specialists, labs and radiology as needed.  We compliment your insurance by offering a service outside of your insurance network.  At times, we are far less expensive that what your insurance will cover (labs, radiology etc).  We provide primary care medicine with extras!  Wouldn’t it be nice to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours with your doctor in a calming, un-hurried environment?  You do have a choice and you aren’t limited to the insurance network anymore.  You deseve more and I want to help.

Concierge medicine is a revolutionary model of medical practice that puts the patient at the center of the healthcare experience.  By paying a monthly membership fee, just like a gym or Netflix, or your cable bill, the patient secures unprecedented access to the physician, which allows the physician to know the patient well and to deliver a high level of care and service.  In a typical model of medicine (insurance based) the average physician sees between 3,000 and 4,000 patients.  In this model we limit our patient volume to 600!  No longer are you just a number,

We accept Medicare for covered services only.  Your concierge membership fee will cover all “non-covered” services, such as your “comprehensive annual physical exam.”   To join the practice, the membership fee is required.  As a member, you are entitled to all the concierge services we offer. If you have medicare, we will charge appropriately for covered services performed  during office visits as required by law. Dr. Mike has opted out of all other insurance networks.  Dr. Mike thought long and hard about this decision and came to the conclusion that he wanted to work for YOU, not the insurance carriers any longer.  Imagine medicine without the bureaucracy.

Please call 911 if there is a true emergency.  Otherwise, you can call me first and we can determine if you need to go.  If you do, I will speak with the hospital doctor directly and discuss your case.  I will not formally guide your care in the hospital, but I will keep close tabs on it and make sure you are getting what you need.  I will leave the hospital work to the hospitalists. 

You will have my cell phone number and email.  For urgent matters after hours, you can contact me 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  Yes, if you are having issues at 2 A.M.I would hope you would call me, especially if you think you need to go to the hospital.  Vacation coverage will be arranged with another physician when I am out of town.  You will  have ample notice.

No.  This isn’t insurance and I am not trying to keep you away with co-pays.  Legally, I can’t accept one anyhow.  Your membership covers all visits.  Extra fees are typically associated with in-house labs, equipment you may need or medication dispensed from the office.  There are some others, which which we can discuss in more detail.  However, these rarely affect you.

Other services offered at Willow Healing Center (psychology, acupuncture, chiropractic) which are provided by other practitioners will be a separate fee as determined by you and that provider

$118/month ($3.93 per day) and usually less than the cost of your cable bill!

  • All ages 18 and over:  $118/month

Most deductibles are $2,000 to $6,000 per year for an individual.  This means, you have to pay this first (out of pocket) before your insurance kicks in (some exceptions).  This doesn’t include your co-pays, increased fees for urgent care visits and your financial responsibility after your deductible is met, which can be as high as 40%!   My concierge yearly fees are typically 50% to 75% less than your yearly deductible.  So, if you are going to pay cash anyways, wouldn’t you want the best, most personal, compassionate care possible with access when you need it?

Here’s a challenge:  Try calling your physician and ask for an appointment today.  Are you going to get it?  Or are you going to be sent to urgent care?  Here, you will get your appointment for sick visits same day.  This is access!  This is just one of the benefits of having a concierge physician on your team.


Did you know? Only 1/5 people ever reach their medical deductible!

The current system vs Concierge?

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Healthcare Reform: Concierge Medicine vs The Status Quo

In a traditional model (the status quo) of medicine (most health insurance models), the average primary care physician (PCP) has a patient volume of 3,000, to 4,000 patients in his/her panel, while seeing on average of 20 patients per day.  Of this, approximately 40% of the workload is paperwork, insurance negotiations and…READ MORE

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Meet Your Medical Family


    Therapy is not just for those individuals in deep despair or experiencing serious mental illness. If you are human, have a family of origin, and life experience up until this point, you qualify! Our unique pasts come with opportunities for growth through hard work, self confrontation, and the courage to face whatever pain follows you into the office. Rather than avoiding pain, facing it can be a path to reaching your full potential.

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    Dr. Jenniffer Lewis, Ph.D.

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

      We (humans) are complex. We are physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological beings. I believe that treating just the physical being is only part of the process…it would be like fixing a car and forgetting about the gas.

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      Dr. Michael Lewis, MD

      Board Certified, American Board Family Medicine

      For less than $4 per day you can have unlimited access to your doctor!


      See what people are saying?

      Actual Yelp Review


      Dr Mike is the rarest of gems. He has been my physician nearly 10 years. His concern for his patients and their well being is unparalleled in my experience.  I can say with complete certainty he always made me feel I was a top priority and never rushed our time though I know he had many patients waiting to see him.
      He is thoughtful in his treatment approach and his kind demeanor was always a pleasure to experience.


      Constance A.

      Patient of Dr. Mike

      Actual Google+ Review


      Dr. Mike has been my doctor for many years and is a very competent physician. He has treated me for various ailments such as high blood pressure, muscle strains, nerve damage, etc. I am also a cancer survivor and he has keep a close watch as I have gone through three years of clean checkups. I would recommend him as a good primary care Dr. and I want to thank him for all the years of service he has given me.


      George M.

      Patient of Dr. Mike

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