A simple, affordable means to have 24/7 access to your doctor

Why is Direct Primary Care (DPC) medicine the right choice for you?

Because you want better healthcare.  As your personal doctor, I will be there for you when you need me.  You can text me, call me, or email me 24/7 and I will return your call or message promptly!  If you are sick, I will do my best to see you the same day.  Our patients enjoy a warm and relaxing environment as well as un-hurried appointments.  Your visits will be relaxed and easy without feeling like you have to squeeze everything into a 7-minute visit.  All of our patients enjoy the convenience of discounted medications which are filled on site!.  ALL FOR AN EXTRAORDINARILY SMALL MONTHLY FEE!  This isn’t only for the wealthy anymore.  


Make an appointment!

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If you are curious or ready to sign up, contact me here.  I’m quite responsive at returning any and all inquiries promptly.  Thank you for reaching out.

818-658-3830 drmike@willowhealingcenter.com


There are many things we can do to help prevent cancer, stroke, heart attacks, diabetes and falls. Let’s start the journey of preventive medicine here.


Wellness is more than preventing illness – It’s maintaining good lifestyle so your body can stay strong and support your beautiful being for as long as possible

Mental Health

What’s getting in the way? What keeps you from taking care of you? I believe that one of the biggest addictions we have in this country isn’t necessarily drugs or alcohol. It’s our addiction to thought.

Making healthcare simple

The Membership
and How This Works

It’s simple.  With your monthly membership and depending on your selected plan you will have access to high quality, personalized medical care and unprecedented access to your doctor.   Once a member, the process is simple:  Make an appointment via text, email or phone call.  No visit fees or co-pays are ever due at time of service. I will spend time with you in a un-rushed relaxed environment, while making your visit calm and easy.  If you need medications, I will prescribe them, or fill them on site for a fraction of the typical cost.  If you need labs (and have PPO insurance) we can bill your labs to your insurance.  If you don’t have insurance, no worries, I have negotiated incredible cash prices.  Please call or email us for your complimentary visit to immerse yourself in the Willow experience.


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No long term Contracts

Month to Month

AGES 18+

$75/ MO
Per person per month. See other prices for discounted rates


$135/ MO
$135 per couple and $50 per each add'l family member over 18 years old.


$50/ MO
Must be enrolled in college and show a current ID and roster with 12 units


Annual Physical ⦿
Pap Smear ⦿
Office Visit ⦿
Sports and Camp Physicals ⦿
Pre-operative Clearance Exams ⦿
Breathing Treatments ⦿
Ear Wax Removal ⦿
Treadmill Stress Testing ⦿
Mono testing ⦿
Strep testing ⦿
Urinalysis ⦿
Finger Stick Glucose –
Urine Dip ⦿
Joint Injections ($15) ⦿
Laceration repair (stitches) ⦿
Abscess / Cyst removal/drainage ⦿
Ingrown Toenail Removal


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